Europahotel Mainz

50° 0' 10.98'' N 8° 15' 40.46'' E +

50° 0' 10.98'' N 8° 15' 40.46'' E

In 1959, the Europahotel in Mainz was the first hotel to be realised by the then twenty-two-year-old Berno-H. Feuring. Until 1989 the hotel was operated by himself as manager of his company, Europahotel Mainz. The hotel was to become the prototype for numerous hotels in Europe and North Africa and at the time of its opening set an absolutely new trend in hotel development.

It combined modern comfort with many innovative service concepts and had rooms with an en suite bathroom, a breakfast buffet and many other features that today are taken for granted but were a sensation at the time.
One of these unusual new features were the different room categories which provided for “tourist-comfort”, “business” and “luxury” rooms.

But not only that - the innovative FF&E concept with its so-called “continent rooms” was to be the archetype for future design hotels. The Europahotel Mainz was to be followed by numerous other projects, amongst them in Ludwigshafen and Recklinghausen which were and still are very similar in their functional structure.