Hilton Garden Inn, The Squaire, Frankfurt

50° 1' 36.84'' N 8° 35' 14.03'' E +

50° 1' 36.84'' N 8° 35' 14.03'' E

The Squaire – a new world to live and work in. At the end of 2011, two new Hilton hotels opened their doors in the “horizontal tower” at Frankfurt airport.

The building is supported by 86 pillars; 2,500 kilometres of cable were installed; the glass roof consists of more than 2,000 window panes; the entire rental space of 140,000 square metres is spread over nine floors and a length of 660 metres – these are the impressive figures of “The Squaire“ at Frankfurt/Main Airport. Presumably it is already one of the most interesting building complexes in Europe and very soon it will possibly also be one of the most important buildings for the international business world. This is what the owner, the real estate company IVG from Bonn and Fraport AG, owner and operator of Frankfurt Airport, assume, anyway.
It was their declared target to create an environment, which shall inspire and motivate employees and create a well-balanced atmosphere.

For this reason, the infrastructure of an entire city with coffee stores, restaurants, retail stores, numerous service providers, a Medical Centre, two hotels including a fitness- and wellness area were put underneath one single roof.

Along with KPMG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft, an audit, tax and advisory services company, Hilton International is the anchor tenant. The chain operates two hotels in the Squaire: the Hilton with 249 rooms and suites as well as the Hilton Garden Inn with 334 rooms.
Although there could hardly be a better location nor a more impressive building for both new Hilton hotels and hence no better conditions for high occupancy rates, their owner, IVG, did not want to leave anything to chance and in July 2010 mandated Feuring to do the operational asset management.

Since then, Feuring has been in close contact with the owner and the operator in order to ensure – amongst other things – that the contract specifications are adhered to, that costs are kept under control and the course is set for a successful development.

“The Squaire belongs to the most significant projects in our corporate history. We believe in the success of this mobility centre as it provides new perspectives in terms of time management and networking for businessmen from all over the world. But we always want to be on the safe side and therefore seek the support of experts like Feuring who help us be successful”, says Wolfgang Winkler-Sümnick from IVG Asset Management. According to Winkler-Sümnick, IVG decided on Feuring as their Hotel Asset Manager because they combine many competences on several levels: these are, amongst other things, their know-how of all aspects of the hotel business and market, of hotel development on a local, national and international level, their technical know-how as well as their experience with hotel companies and setting up contracts.