Hyatt Regency Dusseldorf

51° 13' 39.87'' N 6° 46' 24.44'' E +

51° 13' 39.87'' N 6° 46' 24.44'' E

Dusseldorf has a new luxury hotel. For months all parties involved had eagerly looked forward to the opening of the Hyatt Regency in Dusseldorf’s Media Harbour. On December 15th 2010 the big moment had finally come.

The advisory services regarding the project development were conducted by Feuring Hotelconsulting which contributed many important jigsaw pieces: Feuring developed an attractive hotel concept, which helped procure Hyatt as one of the most prestigious hotel operators, organised the funding and attracted a financially strong co-investor.
The requirements of the concept were very high: the aim was to create a product that would stand up to the highly competitive Dusseldorf hotel market and would please guests, the hotel operator and the owner on a long-term basis.

The spectacular architecture and the realisation of the building as it were in the water of the Rhine, were two big challenges, the project controllers, craftsmen and the operator’s planning team were faced with.

The result is an exceptional hotel product that is not only path-breaking in style, but is also unequalled in terms of functionality, efficiency and sustainability. In total, the hotel provides 303 guest rooms and suites, a conference area with a gross floor space of approx. 1,125 square metres, the “Rive Spa” as well as several F&B outlets. Another detail and everyone’s pride are the extravagant bathrooms which follow the prevailing trend in the hotel industry of generally upgrading bathrooms. Feuring and the Dutch interior designers FG Stijl developed a concept which puts the role of the sanitary facilities in a hotel room in the foreground and turns the traditional bathroom into a luxurious lounge and living area.

Feuring supported the owner throughout all development, planning and building stages of the project. Under the direction of Feuring all parties involved were brought together in Steering Committee Meetings which took place every fortnight. During these meetings, new findings were communicated and crucial decisions were made.

In order to sustain the value of the property on a long-term basis, Feuring has meanwhile taken on the role of Operational Asset Manager for the hotel and continues to be in regular contact with the hotel operator and the owner. In this context Feuring regularly analyses significant operational processes and gives its support to the owner so that now that the new premium hotel is under operation it can also convince with great efficiency and a high standard of quality.