InterCityHotel Berlin Main Railway Station

52° 30' 35.50'' N 13° 26' 0.94'' E +

52° 30' 35.50'' N 13° 26' 0.94'' E

Directly situated at the main railway station in Berlin, InterCityHotel GmbH gained a new hotel in a prime location right in the centre of the German capital. The new hotel is not only the largest InterCityHotel, but is also the brand’s new flagship featuring 412 rooms and an extensive conference area.

“After a long planning period, we finally had reached the exciting visible stage of project realisation”, said Matthias Lowin, Managing Director at Feuring. The construction of the hotel, which is to stand 30 m high, was started in autumn 2011.
The high expectations on the architectural quality at this very exposed location in close proximity to the capital’s central railway station are more than justified.

Based on the results of the architectural competition back in 2006, the architects from Reichel + Stauth have set new standards by giving the building a sophisticated structure and employing very high quality materials for the façade. The recesses and protrusions of the floors give an individual character to the building and perfectly integrate the hotel into the urban development at the “Lehrter Stadtquartier”. In order to additionally ensure the quality of the building, the Berlin Construction Committee was also integrated in the project.

Owner and investor of the project is the real estate company, CA Immo Deutschland GmbH. Feuring is responsible for the project development on behalf of CA IMMO and has developed the concept for this exceptional hotel.

The specifications, determined within the Steering Committee set up by Feuring, have been integrated in the planning process in order to ensure the cost-effective completion of the hotel within a sensible period of time.

Joachim Marusczyk, Managing Director of InterCityHotel GmbH, explains that the new location fits perfectly into the company’s expansion strategy: “The new InterCityHotel is the third in the Berlin region and stands for our commitment to what still is a steadily growing market. In our opinion, this location, situated so close to the main railway station in the capital city of Germany, is a top-class address.”

The completion and opening of the hotel tool place in autumn 2013. Feuring accompanied this exciting project all the way through the planning and construction phases.