The Feuring Factor

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49° 59' 23.89" N 8° 16' 57.79" E

The combination of vision and profitability as the formula for success

Just imagine you had the intention of investing your capital in a hotel property or business. Of course, the idea has a very special appeal and as the kind of property that requires an operator, a hotel has some very special characteristics.

Just imagine that a possible location for the hotel were a large city, in Germany, for example. A city with a flourishing economy, sought-after as a place to live or set up business, a popular travel destination with international renown.

The general assessment of the hotel market in the city centre: well-saturated for many years. The visionary assessment with the Feuring factor can identify something else: good perspectives for a new first class hotel.

A central location, for example, right near to the main railway station with its typical milieu is usually rather regarded as a disadvantage for the upper hotel segment but with the Feuring factor, comes to be a clear advantage.

An international hotel chain will let itself be won over by this surprising perspective: a first class hotel as a generator for the better quality of the location. The conceptional, quantitative and qualitative positioning is plausible, the configuration of the building is also convincing, the project is launched.

As it is generally the case with hotel projects, the plans attract a lot of attention. And then, just imagine the hotel opening, with a grandeur to it that will even let those who are used to big events gaze in amazement.

Finally, three months later, the first reliable operating results land on our desks. The sales and profitability figures are according to our forecasts and even exceed all expectations. And years later, demand is still very high. The new hotel in the city centre is doing very well and has an assertive position amongst its competitors.

To have faith in the vision of new possibilities. To make brave decisions based on tens of years of experience in all aspects of our business. To ensure consistency by creating new things at the right time. All this makes the Feuring factor a formula for long-term success.

"Project management with Feuring is characterised by competence and reliability."
Joachim Marusczyk, Managing Director InterCityHotel GmbH

"Feuring's 50th anniversary bears witness to the company's professionalism, especially since market conditions were not always ideal."
Rolf Reh, Member of the Board of Managers Bau- und Anlagemanagement, DB Station & Service AG

"Thanks to the well-founded professional competence and the analytic and pragmatic way of dealing with things, we have finally found the opportunity of doing business together and are realising the very attractive Hyatt Regency in Dusseldorf."
Fred Hürst, Area Vice President Hyatt & General Manager Grand Hyatt Berlin

"I have worked with Feuring over many years in a very fruitful cooperation."
Sir Rocco Forte, The Rocco Forte Collection

"The entire Feuring team is always very professional, thorough and extremely dedicated and the atmosphere between us is always very pleasant – a great combination!"
Scott J. Woroch, Executive Vice President, Worldwide Development Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

"Feuring's service to our group over the last many years has been very important in Mandarin Oriental's strong record of growth in new hotel developments."
Terry L. Stinson, Development Director & President The Americas, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group

"Feuring's deal and market knowledge is unrivalled."
Peter Zenneck, Vice President Development, Europe & North Africa Jumeirah Group

"I consider Feuring Hotelconsulting as one of the most professional and dedicated hotel development and consulting companies that currently exists."
Georg R. Rafael, Managing Director Rafael Group S.A.M., Monaco

"Feuring understands the brand strategy of the various international hotel groups and has the ability to successfully secure the chosen operator for the hotel opportunity on behalf of the client."
Peter Norman, Senior Vice President Acquisitions & Development Hyatt International (EAME) LLC

"Unlike many hotel consultants we come across, Feuring have always primarily concentrated on their clients' financial success rather than theirs."
Jean Gabriel Pérès, President & CEO Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts Management AG

"They make the effort to understand their client's culture and ensure that the parameters of a project are in line with a client's specifications."
Jean Gabriel Pérès, President & CEO Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts Management AG

"To cleverly find out the chances that will be to the best possible advantage of all parties involved whilst observing all the rules of the game. That is a characteristic of Feuring."
Puneet Chhatwal, CEO Steigenberger Hotels & Resorts AG

„Mr. Feuring has set up his company in a very impressive way and his family continues on this course. Feuring is the ideal partner for us."
Bernhard H. Hansen, Chairman of the Board, CA Immo Deutschland

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