Site Evaluation

In order to find the right concept for a location, a thorough market and location analysis will need to be carried out first. This will serve as the basis for establishing a location profile which will reveal possible market niches or opportunities and hence show the potential for a new hotel.

Hotel Market Analysis

From an undifferentiated point of view, most business locations will have sufficient hotel capacities. The hotel market analysis developed by Feuring, which takes a detailed look both at demand and existing hotels, makes it possible to determine what demand for what kind of hotels there really is in a particular location.

Feasibility Studies

Due to Feuring Group's holistic approach and in particular to the company's long years of experience in the realisation of hotel projects, Feuring's own method of tackling feasibility studies is a lot more extensive than that of most other feasibility studies.

Concept & Area Programmes

The foundation for the long-term success of a hotel is laid when the project is still at a preliminary stage. This entails an efficient and profitable configuration of the building. An efficient area concept is the basic requirement for the profitable operation of the hotel.

Hotel Valuations

Hotel valuations by Feuring have a holistic approach and take into consideration both the material value as well as the market value of a property. The most important aspect in this context is our deep understanding of a hotel's life cycle and of the marketability beyond the intended investment period that is connected with this.