Commercial Reviews & Steering

Due to more variable contract clauses, the financial risk is being shifted from the hotel operator to the owner and this in turn is creating new challenges for investors. Even when the hotel is already under operation Feuring Group can provide the investor with some very effective tools in order to protect his interests vis-à-vis the operator and his obligations resulting from the operating agreement.

Emergency & Interim Management

In order to avoid a difficult economic situation when it comes to a change of operator, the Feuring Group can provide the investor with another competent tool, i.e. interim management. This includes both the winding up of the existing operating agreement as well as taking over and securing the operative side of business and procuring a new hotel operator.

Strategic Planning

Feuring's motto "driven by visionary hotel development" is not only true in terms of operations and design within hotel development but also from a strategic point of view. When it comes to the strategic development of companies and products, Feuring regularly provides its support and advisory services to some of the most important decision-makers in the hospitality sector.

Contract Management

Feuring gives advice to the owner in respect of the rights and obligations towards the operator and third parties resulting from the respective contract. Predominantly, contract management stands for the review of the fulfilment of the operator contract. Beyond that Feuring assists with all kinds of contract negotiations or adaptations.


More and more often, hotel properties are being traded as investment goods alongside other forms of real estate. It is, however, very difficult to use a uniform valuation method as the parameters influencing the value of the special kind of property a hotel is, are completely different to those influencing other forms of real estate. In order to ensure the long-term success of hotel investments, Feuring regularly assesses available hotels with the help of previously defined parameters.