Utilisation Concept & Optimisation

The foundation for the long-term success of a hotel is laid when the project is still at a preliminary stage. Feuring Group's approach in developing a suitable configuration of the building is carried out on three levels: Area Efficiency, Functionality and Usability by Alternative Operators.

Operator Procurement

Feuring Group offers the pre- and final selection of a suitable hotel operator as well as the negotiation of an appropriate operating agreement and offers these services in one service package. Thanks to many years of experience and wide-ranging contacts with all major international hotel chains and operators, Feuring can ensure a fast and discrete selection of a suitable operator.

Implementation of Operator Standards

One of Feuring's main tasks within project development is the careful balance between a neutral and individual concept. The aim is to implement the operator's standards to such an extent that the individuality of the brand in question is maintained without neglecting the generally accepted standards in the hotel industry.

Construction Costs Estimate

A realistic estimate of overall project costs has a direct influence on the success of the project. Especially in times of increasing construction costs it is extremely important to closely observe their development and to reflect them correctly. Due to its extensive experience in the field of project development and the wide range of objects of comparison it can refer to, Feuring Group can guarantee its customers a realistic estimate of the overall construction costs.

Project Coordination

Project coordination is the collective term for the comprehensive steering of the entire project. Feuring's competence in cross-functional communication plays a very important role in this. It has the task and function of bringing together all parties involved in the project in order for them to make mutual decisions and to speed up the development process.