Representation of the Owner

As representative of the owner the Feuring Group works hand in hand with the entire project team by the name of and by order of the owner. The coordination of all involved project parties takes place on all levels.

Steering Committee

Feuring establishes a Steering Committee with the objective to cause all necessary decisions between owner and operator. Furthermore Feuring provides a thorough documentation and informs the principal about the building phase and progress of the project.


The conception of the mobile and immobile inventory (FF&E) as well as the operating equipment (SOE) needs to be planned as early as possible within the project, but at the latest during the construction phase. For several years now, the Feuring Group dedicates itself to the facility and equipment of hotels. Several thousands of hotel rooms in Europe have been shaped and equipped by Feuring.

Hotel-specific Inspection and Sign-off

The professional approval of the building is the last step within project management. The aim of this phase is to hand over the turnkey property to the hotel operator and to finish the project. Thanks to its team of experts and the multitude of successfully completed handovers, Feuring Group can guarantee that the final inspection and approval of the hotel will be satisfactory to both, the owner and the operator.

Financial Advice

Funding a hotel project in Germany, as in most other European countries, continues to be difficult. Hotel developments are basically always in direct competition with other investment opportunities. For this reason it is important to take into account the risk involved and to reflect this in an appropriate rate of return.